Blessed with talent, an observant eye, professionalism, and a sensitive demeanor, Cheryl Rankin Van Stockum is more than a picture-taker.  She’s a picture-maker, capturing subtle moments, producing works of art that are precious possessions like jewels.

Jack Brammer, Kentucky Journalist

While it is possible to teach someone to be a technically correct photographer, to be a

photographic artist requires a creative eye awarded at birth and nurtured throughout a

lifetime of seeing. Born with a great eye…Cheryl she has put it to unbridled use,

celebrating beauty and joy in the simple things that surround us all. Cheryl’s photos are

visual prose, demanding to be read and reread, with importance lavished upon

significance.  Her work is impassioned in serenity, yet speaks of wisdom and revelation

to those who find a quiet moment to visually listen to them and explore their message.

Cheryl is a visual orator who I am honored and humbled to say is both a friend and


Malcolm J. Wilson,

Commercial & Fine Art Photographer,

Photographic Educator

Cheryl Rankin Van Stockum’s photography exquisitely captures Shelby County,

Kentucky—its changing faces and constant beauty. She imbues every image with poetry

and heart.

Carol Kaufmann – Kentucky Native


Alexandria, Virginia

Author, New York Times bestseller, SAFARI (2012) and Indie bestseller OCEAN (2014)

I see a fall leaf. Cheryl Rankin Van Stockum sees dew on the leaf. I see a flower. Cheryl

sees the intricate details of the bloom. I see a barn. Cheryl sees how it makes a silhouette

on the horizon. You can see what she sees through her photos made into notecards and

featured in her calendars. You are no longer blind to nature’s true beauty, thanks to her.

Duanne B. Puckett,

Shelby County LIFE chief writer

Cheryl points her camera at the same, everyday things we all do, but somehow sees

them in a much more beautiful way. The proof of that is in her work.

Jerry Deaton, author, filmmaker, innkeeper, lobbyist, fearless world traveller.

Cheryl Van Stockum has photographed our family’s special occasions for the last few years. Her uncanny ability to put everyone at ease and capture the best of “us” is amazing. Her creative approach to photography combined with the value she provides left no doubt that she is the only photographer we would consider for our next special occasion-the wedding of our oldest son. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to capture our family’s memories.

MaryAnn Gramig